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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birthday Gift

I had cum so much, more than I had ever cum before. My juices saturated the linens, a puddle that gave testimony to the amazing time I'd just had. "I can't believe that was all me," I exclaimed, still relishing the contact of his skin against mine. He smiled at me, showing me further evidence of my libidinous delights. His cock was coated with my juices, as if SHE couldn't hold anything in at all...oh yes, it was all me.

We hit the showers together, slowly soaping each other under the warm spray of water. Danny loves frolicking in the bathroom and I couldn't help but get turned on again as his cock rose to attention the minute I was all wet. The water sluiced gently over us as I bent down and took him in my mouth, slowly and gently sucking his balls and sac, licking and savoring his hard member. I wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him again. I didn't have to worry. He watched me intently, gazing at my slick derriere with water spraying gently off it. He got harder and thicker by the second and I could tell that he was more than ready for me again.

And SHE was more than ready for him. I leaned forward and turned my back to him, grabbing his cock and leading him into my waiting walls. He pounded slowly at first, letting me once again adjust to his girth. The water steamed around us, warming us and wetting us with coils of passion. He drew me closer, thrusting deeper in me with one motion and making my nipples harder. He kissed the back of my neck, my back as his cock caressed me intimately, making me moan in desire. I started thrusting backwards, driving him into me with fierce impunity. My butt was hitting his torso with the full force of my passion. I needed this, wanted this, more than the air that I breathed.

Danny lifted himself up then, unto the ledge of the bathtub, still plunging deeply into me. The angle was perfect and within seconds I was coming again, managing to still stand up with sheer force of will as my climax rolled upon me. He kept on moving until it was complete. With one hand he shut the water off, then grabbed a towel and led me to the bed, drying me slowly with the towel, then touching me again.

He thrust his fingers down my pussy and worked wonders as he watched me. I bucked against him, unable to stop the torrent of passion that laced through my blood. Danny knew the moment I started tightening against him that I was about to come again and he replaced his finger with his cock, catching my orgasm right then and there. My pussy clenched tightly around him and I cried out, clutching wildly at the bedsheets. With one hand he held mine imprisoned as he started thrusting in me gently, knowing that although SHE wanted attention, SHE was probably tender by now.

As he thrust he was talking to me, telling me that he loved me, would always love me. "You are the only One," he said over and over again, bringing tears to my eyes and screams of pleasure to my lips. He kissed me, twirling his tongue with mine in an erotic dance that made me dizzy with ecstasy. I lost myself for a moment, just trying to capture that perfect moment, unbelieving that I was actually living it, that it wasn't just a dream.

The hard length of him throbbing deeply in me reminded me that it was all too true. And all to good. SHE tightened around him, demanding more attention, more thrusts, more passion. He complied instantly, driving himself in me deeply, rocking the whole bed, the room, the house with the force of his thrusts. A picture frame crashed to the floor and I didn't even notice, and my books hurtled to the floor right behind it. I lifted my legs high, as high as they could go and he took as much as I gave, unceasing in the pleasure that he was trying to give me.

I drew him closer, bringing his head to mine and told him that I loved him, that I loved this, that I loved us. I fought the tears of joy from falling down my cheeks and buried my face in his hair, hiding them from him. We both came simultaneously then, in a stunning crescendo of beauty and passion that left us both...lifeless.

That was my birthday gift.

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