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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Round One

When we got to our hotel room, it was Danny all of a sudden devouring me. He peeled my clothes off like petals off a flower and his as well. He wasn't satisfied until we were skin to skin, flesh to flesh. We were both standing up, feasting on each other in all our naked glory. His eyes glowed like emeralds, admiring me in fascination. I perused him with the same adoring gaze and then couldn't resist touching him.

My fingers trailed over his body in a quest of their own, satiating my tactile senses with his warm, muscular body. I touched him everywhere, every single inch that had missed my adoring attention in the last eight days. He revelled in the touch like a treasured pet, his muscles contracting under my fingers, his cock growing harder and thicker under my tender ministrations.

My heart was beating fast and I licked my lips in anticipation. I kissed him again, fully intending to head down south within a few moments but Danny had other plans in mind. He lay me down on the bed, wrapping my legs around him. He trailed kisses on my body, sensitizing nerves and skin with each fiery caress. My nipples puckered hard under his soft, wet tongue and he sucked them as if tasting them for the first time. He moved on, still caressing, touching and kissing, still heating me with every passing second. I could feel HER stirring again, already dripping in anticipation, wanting his cock in HER walls.

As if sensing the call, he wasted not a moment more and plunged into me with one forceful thrust. SHE felt tight, tighter than SHE had ever been and I could tell that he enjoyed it. SHE clenched against him, welcoming him in a warm vise and he stayed still, letting me adjust to his girth and width, knowing that the intensity was driving me to distraction. "Welcome home," I whispered into his ear with a slow smile.

I clung to him, mindless of everything around me, seeking only the one thing that he could give me. He started moving then, slow and steady strokes designed to further titillate and inflame my passion. In three thrusts my first orgasm hit me and I arched against him, trying to battle the waves of it coming so soon---however it was all in vain. He kept thrusting, faster and deeper, melodically stroking every single crevice in my body. Lifting my legs up, he drove in more fully, taking me on another tumultuous experience.

I clung to the sheets, trying to hold on to this reality, trying to savor the here and now and slow down my reactions but he wouldn't be deterred. He kept at it touching, kissing, thrusting, stroking, loving me. Until I was screaming for him to stop and screaming for more at the same time. Until our bodies were coated with sweat and our pubes with cum. Until nothing else mattered but appeasing this inferno of desire that he had ignited between us. I came over and over again, losing myself in his passion and his embrace, clinging to him as the only buoy is this bonfire of passion.

Finally he let himself go, coalescing in a simultaneous final orgasm with me, cradling me against his full weight as he crashed on top of me.

"I love you," he said in my ear, holding me close as if afraid to let me go. "I won't ever go away for that long again," I promised as soon as I could catch my breath. Don't you dare leave this fine specimen of virility! SHE stated emphatically spilling juices all over my sweat soaked thighs.


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