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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


As soon as Danny picked me up from the airport, I was all over him. I had missed him so much! We stood outside in the cold evening breeze, amidst honking cars, irascible security guards and other commuters trying to make their way home and just kissed. It was a movie type kiss, slow, sultry and totally encompassing. His tongue melded with mine like long lost loves and all was forgotten except enjoying being here in his arms.

Finally we were able to separate and we settled into the car. We talked for a bit, caught up on our days and the flight. While I was away we had been talking almost constantly so there wasn't that much to catch up on. The car was stopped at a red light and I leaned over to start kissing Danny again. I just couldn't get enough of him, his presence, his touch, his smell, the way his beard stubble brushed against my cheek. I breathed him in again and we shared a soft smile, as the light turned green.

Danny deftly maneuvered through the traffic and unto the highway, while at the same time maneuvering the folds of my dress to seek and find HER. My pussy was already wet and ready just with the kissing and he thrust his fingers through my slick folds and then brought them to his lips, licking each one quite erotically. He looked at me then, gracing me with a grin that was both suggestive and titillating.

This just made me hornier. I started kissing him with renewed vigor, eliciting tiny sighs and moans from him. I kissed his neck, his throat and ears, running my fingers up and down his body. My fingers deftly took his belt off and unbuttoned his jeans. Moments later I was admiring his cock, already hard with cum forming at the tip. I kissed it slowly, enjoying the moment my lips touched his head.

Then I leaned over and started licking him in all earnestness, taking him deeply and softly in my mouth, alternating with licks and sucks. I had dreamed about having him in my mouth several times over the last week, even masturbated to the memories. Now however, I was living them. His cock got harder and more turgid and I kept at it while he drove, knowing that my lips, mouth and tongue were giving a more lavish welcome than any present I could have gotten him. My bottom was in the air, and his right hand grabbed it, squeezing my cheeks firmly, massaging and touching my ass as if remembering every contour. His fingers slipped into my pussy then and SHE started contracting against him involunatarily, almost breaking my concentration.

However I continued all the way home, sucking his cock to my hearts content. I ignored the heat that was building in my core, the signals that SHE was screaming to me. SHE wanted in on this action big time. But I temped down her energy with a force of will. Right now, it was all about Danny.

We pulled up to the house and he parked in a sidestreet, and this just enabled me to get into a better position. I tickled his member with my tongue as I continued stroking up and down with my mouth and a few minutes later he came in my mouth with a resounding fury.

It was simply a preview of what was to come. He was in for it tonight. And for once, he actually didn't know exactly what he was in for.

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