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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Round Four

Four hours later I was awakened to warm, wet kisses gliding up and down my body. Danny was up and ready to play. I snuggled under the covers, trying to ignore his warm caress, even though SHE was instantly awake and throbbing, making more sleep an impossibility.

"Good morning love," he said, kissing me full on the lips. I smiled sleepily at him and didn't say anything, running my fingers through his hair instead. With a beguiling smile he kept kissing me, watching me with his hazel eyes, trailing more kisses down my torso. He took his time, slowly tasting every morsel of flesh, as if committing the map of my body to memory with his lips.

By the time he got down to my pussy, SHE was already trilling and throbbing in anticipation. He kissed me down there as well, not skimming on licks and warm kisses with his full lips. After a few minutes he positioned himself at the entryway and with one strong push, he was once again home.

He stayed in me for a while, not moving, just watching the play of emotions on my face as SHE stretched and tightened around him. When he did start moving, he was done making love to me, as evidenced by the intense look on his face. His thrusts were hard, fast and sure, lacing me instantly with passion and desire, filling me fully with his cock until we were one. He wrapped his fingers in mine then, kissing me over and over, lifting my legs and driving himself deeper and deeper, until I didn't know where I started and he began.

Danny watched with a cocky smile as my orgasms rolled over me, one right on top of the other, until my body was quivering in ecstasy and I was screaming his name. When my tremors ceased, he flipped me over and started pounding again, deeper, fiercer, smacking my ass with his hand and flicking my clit with the other.

I thrust against him just as fierce, revelling in this delicious erotic moment, increasing his ardor just as fully as he was increasing my own. I sensed the moment he was on the brink and noticed him trying to hold back and slow down, but I slammed my hips against him, bucking quickly, driving him fully inside me over and over again. He had no choice when SHE clenched fully around him to let out a deep groan and pour himself all over me.



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