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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Story of Fifteen

This should have been posted on the 15th latest, but we all know what happened then.

Danny woke me up this morning with kisses. He's so energetic in the morning. He wouldn't be deterred however, ignoring my sleepy voice and my eyes shut tightly against the morning rays. He kept talking to me, cuddling me and kissing me until my body responded enough to slowly raise my eyelids. He was freshly showered, smelling so clean with that minty fresh toothpaste scent.

After completing a short toilette, I headed back to bed, just to try to catch a few more Zzzz's before I had to get up. "I want to make love to you," he said, wrapping his fingers in my hair. It's not often that Danny makes such a request, usually he gets right down to it---no permission required. I gave him a bemused nod and lay back, fully ceding the reins over to him.

He kissed my lips, fully tracing my outer lips, tucking his tongue slowly into mine and exploring every inch of my mouth with delicious decadence. He tasted like a minty version of heaven and I sighed in his mouth, caught in a warm embrace. The longer he kissed me, the more I wanted. He rubbed his cheek against mine and I smiled, enjoying the graze of his morning stubble. My fingers of course naturally found their way to his hair and I drew him closer, until he was lying fully on top of me.

He moved away from my lips then, taking in my whole face, nuzzling in my neck and kissing it, suckling inches of skin between my face and my collarbone. My nerves started sizzling, instantly awake and wired with his sweet caress. His body was warm and hard above mine, meshing firmly and tightly. I could feel his cock stirring, getting harder with each passing moment and SHE stirred in response.

My breasts were the next focus of his attention and he suckled them tenderly and sweetly. He paid attention to each one, lavishing worshipful licks and adoration all with a single touch. I was helpless beneath his tender assault, squirming under him, trying to get closer to his heated skin, trying to get more of this delicious passion that started coiling deep in my belly and speeding through my veins. He kept gazing at me, watching my responses, knowing exactly what he was doing that was driving me wild. My nipples were no match for his tongue and they proudly peaked, proudly declaring that they were loving all the sensations.

He moved further downward, keeping his hands on my breasts, kneading them slowly and enticingly. He kept the fire going, and I couldn't help but arch against him, digging my nails into his shoulders. It felt so good. So damn good. Every touch, every kiss, every caress. He went down my body, first one side and then the other, totally ignoring HER as he kissed everywhere else, laving pleasurable sensations on every inch of skin.

SHE would not be denied though. I could feel my essence pooling at my core, and I knew that the scent of me would be his beaconing call to my pussy. It was. He paused at inches from my lower lips, breathing a warm air on my pussy that further titillated me. He didn't move, just looked up at me. I stirred restlessly against him but he pinned me in place with his hands, holding my hips. He knew that SHE was demanding attention right then and there. I licked my lips in anticipation and he smiled, as he slowly probed a finger in my nether lips, coaxing them awake and open with one command.

Danny started kissing me then, on my pussy with his juicy lips. I kept my eyes open and watched him, his curly hair glistening in the lamplight, his emerald orbs watching me with intensity. His finger was flicking at my clitoris at the same time, and he kept kissing my pussy, no nibbles, no sucks, just long sultry kisses. My first orgasm rolled over me slowly, I wasn't even expecting it. I could tell from the gleam in his eyes that SHE was fully participating in this venture.

He kept at it, introducing his tongue now, deeply probing and licking my pussy. My walls were drenched with their own juices and he reveled in it, as if he couldn't get enough of the taste. I came for him again minutes later, harder this time, squirting a light stream directly in his mouth. I felt him lap it up still maintaining eye contact. "I love you," he told my pussy. SHE throbbed in response and he smiled again, gazing this time at me. He mimed the words again, looking at me with all the love in the universe in his eyes. Then he stuck a finger in my pussy. The combination drove me wild and I clung at the sheets, trying to keep my thighs from trembling. He noticed and continued sucking me, bringing me to another tumultuous orgasm within minutes.

Danny kissed upwards my body then, taking a different route that he had taken before, tantalizing me once again with his touch. The soft tickle of his lips on my body made me groan and the expectation was intense.

His cock was rock hard and instead of plunging into me like I would expect, he stayed at the entrance, as if getting permission. I heard the slick folds of my pussy wet with cum coming in contact with the head of his cock, and he massaged me slowly with it, rubbing his manhood in my feminity, making me ache with how good it felt.

Finally, after what seemed like interminable minutes, he slid himself into me slowly, once sweet throbbing inch at a time until he was pressed deeply into me. He didn't move then, just wrapped my left hand in his fingers. He kissed my ring finger, taking it deeply into his mouth and sucking it. "My bride. My wife," he said, whispering the words in a deliberate incantation. He started moving then, slowly and insidiously, taking his time and once again making me melt with the intensely tender expression on his face. On his third slow thrust I came again, with a force that rocked me.

I can feel intimately where my three g-spots are located. Danny knows intimately however exactly where in my pussy they are and what he has to do to get me screaming. His cock rubbed deeply in my pussy, like a samurai sword in it's sheathe and SHE tightened around him, waiting more, asking for more. He obliged but kept it nice and slow, strokes designed to fully sizzle every single inch of my pussy. All the while he kept whispering to me how much he loved me, and treasured me, and cherished me.

Orgasms rocked through me, one right on top of the other. Five, six and seven came in rapid succession, causing me to actually let out a loud scream. I felt so connected to him, not just physically and emotionally, but kinesthetically as well. As if we were connecting on a plane that not everyone can get to, a spiritual plane. Eight. Nine. He kept stroking me, over and over again, lifting my knees up to drive himself deeper. My thighs were shaking in earnest this time, wrapped tightly around him in rapture. My heart kept pounding fiercely and as each wave took me I thought for sure I would pass out in dizzying ecstasy.

"Oh my God. I'm so gonna die," I managed to say in a harsh whisper as I started begging him to cease. He cocked his head at me and asked me cockily,"How many?" "Ten!" I practically screamed as another wave rolled over me. I arched against him, almost throwing him off rhythm as I hit the seventh heaven of delight. "Five more," he replied with another smile, placing a soft kiss on my brow.

Huh? Would I even be able to last that high? My previous was 14---only God knows what happens to a woman after that,' I thought as he placed my legs on his shoulders, driving into me deftly. I'm so going to die! 'Stop being a cockblocker bitch, this is the kind of sex I live and breath for!' SHE replied, ignoring my protestations. SHE gripped him tenaciously, clinging to him with every stroke. That alone made me cum again, and my pussy kept pulsating at that point, not even going into resting phase, just primed and ready for another one. Twelve. Thirteen.

Closing my eyes, I savored his touch and tried to control my rapid heart beat. He grabbed my hands again, wrapping both of his in them, forcing me to open my eyes. "I love you," he kept whispering over and over again with each stroke. My first g-spot, the one in the front, responded as he pressed it, making me grip his hands tightly. "You are my Queen," he continued as he changed the angle of his thrust. My second g-spot got hit then and I trembled in anticipation. "You are my wife," he continued, hitting all three at the same time with one perfectly positioned thrust.

I screamed his name then, arching against him, straining in rapture as my body was buffeted from all sides with waves of pleasure. He caught my scream with a kiss, twirling his tongue with mine as he kept stroking.

"We are one," he said as he quickened his thrusts, catching me mid-orgasm as he joined me in every way possible. We clung to each other, both breathing raggedly yet in the same mindset.

"That was...fuckin' incredible," I was finally able to say.

"Top 10?" he asked. I nodded in reply. "Top 1."

He stared at me in amazement. "Really?"

"Oh hell yeah. In every single way imaginable," I replied with a smile, snuggling closer to him. "You know, I prayed when you went to the bathroom. About us. About this. I prayed that I could show you how much I loved you just by making love," he confided slowly.

"Mission accomplished," I said, savoring his precious touch as I cuddled with the love of my life.

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