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Friday, October 20, 2006


After that I had mellowed out a bit. Danny kept rubbing my back and shoulders, easing solace into my bunched up muscles. He started kissing me as well nuzzling my neck. I closed my eyes and savored his touch, his kisses and his caress, banishing all other thoughts from my head. He leaned down and kissed me with more fervor, invading every single inch of my mouth, meshing his tongue with mine slowly and sensuously, building my desire. His kiss was so tender, so precious and so healing that it chased all the shadows and hurt away.

I sighed and leaned closer to him, wrapping my fingers in his lustrous curls and drawing him as close as I could. I didn't want to stop kissing him, I wanted him to possess me totally with every fiber of my being. I was addicted to his kiss, giving up my need for air effortlessly, drowning myself in his kiss.

Danny broke off and started nibbling his way down my neck causing tendrils of fire to course through my veins. Passion coursed through me then, in a totally enveloping cocoon, securely protecting me from the world. My body burned with it as he took my clothes off, teasing me and kissing me slower, gentler as if worshipping my body. And when I opened my eyes...oh my good Lord! He was staring at me with his mesmerizing gaze with all the love in the world shining back at me.

With a slow smile he moved further down, trailing his warm hands up and down my stomach and thighs, making HER throb with desire. SHE roared awake then, insistent, demanding and my panties were so wet that I was much relieved when he took them off. He replaced the lace with his lips, kissing me on my pussy, quite similar to the way he kissed my mouth. He kept at it, kissing down there over and over again, working magic with his sweet mouth and those bomb diggity lips.

By this time my entire body was burning in ecstasy and Danny knew the right combination of licks and flicks to totally drove me over the edge. My first orgasm came over me, and he still kept at it, devouring me with his mouth, making her quiver and tremble in ecstasy over and over again. My thighs started trembling of their own volition and he dragged me by them, bringing my pussy closer and closer to his searing mouth. "I love the way you taste," he stated simply as he buried his face into my pussy and inhaled deeply. Chills spread all over my body as my next orgasm came.

He kissed my thighs and I looked down at him in expectation of him coming back up north but he wasn't done with me yet. Heading back to HER, he kept licking and tasting me, drinking fully my essence. His finger joined in the love play, stroking me with desire as he flicked it over and over on my clitoris. I dug my fingers into the sheets, trying to keep some semblance of control amidst the waves of ecstasy that was rushing over me like a tidal wave. He gave me no quarter though, making my heart race over and over again, lacing my blood with fire and desire. Until I forgot about everything, the worries, the family, the stress. Until all I could do was call his name over and over again. Until I had soaked the bedsheets so thoroughly that we had to reconvene on the floor.

It was then that he entered me, slowly and deliberately, inching himself deeply into me until he completely impaled me with his hard, throbbing cock. Mmmm. SHE welcomed him in delight, stretching at last to her fullest extent, enveloping him fully in her warm heat. I savored having him on top of me, inside me and around me and wrapped my legs around him, drawing him closer and closer. Danny complied, sensing that my need for closeness was infinite. His muscled chest was lying right on top of me, merging hardness with softness the same way his cock merged it with my pussy. He started kissing me again, wringing a cry from my lips as he plunged in me all the way to the hilt.

One stroke. One long, hard stroke. That was all it took for me to cum again, coating his cock with my juices. He kept thrusting though, driving himself even deeper into me. My hands clung tightly to his back trying to keep pace with the immense pleasure that was coursing through my body. Never had we been so in sync. He felt so good inside me, filling me completely, entering me and making me his in every single way, exploding me over and over again in white-hot ribbons of ecstasy.

No matter how much I screamed, shook and shattered, he wouldn't stop, knowing instinctively that I wasn't begging him to, that I was begging for more. And he gave it to me, mercilessly, driving into me passionately and forcefully, hitting my three love spots effortlessly with each stroke.

My back kept arching over and over again and he grabbed my shoulders, shifting positions until I was leaning against him. Then he kept moving, stroking me with passion, desire and ecstasy rolled up in one. He made love to me, making me orgasm over and over again. Finally, in gasping breaths, I begged for mercy and told him that I couldn't take anymore. This was when he switched gears.

Danny kept kissing me, telling me over and over again that he loved me and wouldn't let me go. Not for anything. He wrapped his right hand with mine, and got closer still, until he was lying behind me, gently throbbing inside me, stroking me slowly in repose. My fingers tightened with his and I came again and again, orgasm right on top of another orgasm.

SHE told me when I had reached my peak. I was at fifteen once again and didn't even know it. I managed to tell him in broken tones before another wave of unimaginable pleasure filled me. I could tell from his focus that he was far from done with me. "That was just a warmup," he promised in a husky tone.

Oh damn, I thought
Oh yeah baby! SHE thought.

My muscles jerked in response as his fingers joined in the act once again, playing with my breasts and squeezing my butt. I was on my knees now, and he was behind me, yet I felt so intimately connected with him anyway. He moved faster against me, thrusting himself deeply into me. He felt so good in my pussy. SHE was custom built for him. And they both knew it.

Just as his hard length was custom designed for me. My body grew hotter and hotter, hotter than I ever thought it could and all I could do was go with the flow. I focused on breathing, taking breaths with each orgasm. 17. 18. He shifted again, having my legs above his shoulders, penetrating me from a whole new angle.

"Please...sssttt---stop," I said brokenly as I tried to push him away with weakened limbs. He complied for a few minutes, stroking my back and hair while I fought to catch up with myself.

Enough with the break. Let's get back down and durty with it! SHE announced bossily as SHE kept tingling and throbbing with excitement. Danny knew the moment I was ready again and he once again entered me, filling me, quickening his strokes in rhythm with mine. He felt so good and all I wanted was to have him in me like this forever. 19. 20

He wrung every single iota of pleasure from my body, until I was on one long orgasm ride. They kept falling into each other, wave after wave after wave. SHE didn't even try to recuperate anymore, just went with it. I reveled in every single sensation, the sweat dripping off him in rivulets, the slickness of our bodies, the musky scent of our combined essence. I reveled in the total connectedness I felt at that moment, on every single plane.

21. 22. 23.

With a series of powerful thrusts, he emptied himself fully into me, driving my final orgasm as fully and as encompassing he did his own. "I love you," he said as he threw his head back and gave in to the pleasure that cascaded over both of us.



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