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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Letter from SHE

Where the FUCK is Diamond DICK??

What is wrong with you that you are denying me of my cock love? Why can't I feel him throbbing deeply in me, thrusting, yearning, blending and forcing? Why can't I have his hard, thick mass satisfying my every whim, hitting my three spots and making you whimper, causing you to dig your nails into his back? Tell me why can't I feel his masculinity pressing and melding into the very core of my feminity?

Where the FUCK is Diamond DICK?

Tell him to come home. Tell him I'm waiting for him, thirsting for him, desiring his turgid force in my warm, wet walls. I'm trembling in anticipation just thinking about him and his essence fluidly mixing with mine. I want him to coat me with his juices, mark me, and satiate me for all time. I'm shaking in desire, remembering my walls wrapping around him in tight exulation as he thrills me and makes me sing over and over and over again. As he makes me clench around him tightly, holding him in a vise that makes him dizzy, showing him with the power of my will that I am the only one for him.


Bring him to me right now. It's been too long. 14 hours too long.

Thank you.

Platinum Pussy aka SHE.

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