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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Open Letter & Some Thoughts...

I haven't been blogging much because I've been working alot and fucking alot. You would think that after living together for 4 months the novelty of sex anytime we wanted it would wear off. But that isn't the case. It's grown to a whole 'nother dimension. Every single time is better than the last, every single encounter is as steamy as the first time we had it. I can never catch up to the many awesome fucks we've had...I'm not even going to try.

On the home front, everything with Danny & I is just perfect. I love spending the whole day with him and falling asleep in his arms. I love the way he holds me all through the night, the way he's finely attuned to every nuance of my character. I love waking up to him the next morning---still in his arms. I love taking every shower with him and sharing every moment together. This is the most idyllic time in my life right now. It's just such a shame that the people that I want to share this with choose not to associate with me anymore.

Everyday there is a struggle, a trial or something trying to steal our joy and happiness. But together we have already been through so much, and together we know that with God our love is indestructible. It's amazing how far we've come and through so much...MUCH MORE than you can ever imagine or than I can ever post on here.

The Holidays were pretty rough, he was away, I was ill and there were external conflicts besetting us from all sides. I guess the true testament of a relationship is how one deals with issues when they arise and how they grow from it. Everything just helped bring us closer together. You would be surprised if I told you some of the shit that popped off the last few months.

One of my New Year resolutions was to only blog about the AMAZING SEX here. I'm sorry to my original readers who love the story of Danny & I, but some things just have to stay between the couple---y'know? I'm trying to turn a new leaf of blabbing all my business to people that it doesn't matter to, like my former room mates and former best friend. All this did was turn into a catastrophe of epic proportions. To the fact that certain 'people' started issuing me ultimatums, "EITHER LEAVE DANNY OR NEVER SPEAK TO US AGAIN". I've spent most of January dealing with haters and cutting negative influences out of my life. I'm only dealing with people who have my best interests at heart and support me even when they think I'm going wrong.

Because if being with Danny, the love of my life, the man that has shown me the deepest level of love that one can ever experience in a million lifetimes is wrong---then you don't know what is right. You look at me and wish you had a love like mine. You wish you could have a chance with him in your heyday and you are jealous that he only has eyes for me. He is truly the most amazing man I've ever encountered and you will ever encounter and I'm blessed to know him. I'm happy everyday that he's in my life and thank God everyday for my blessing.

I've always prayed to find a man that would love me more than he loves himself. Everything else on my list didn't matter as much as this one point. Danny does---and he's proven it to me over and over and over and over again. All my doubts were eradicated one by one and now I'm filled with such peace and happiness.

I'm sorry that you can't comprehend that. Take off the damn glasses of your own murky history and don't judge me or my man. Because if you don't stand with me, then you stand against me. If you open your eyes and realize that judgement is God's playing field alone, and leave that to God and show contrition for all the hurt you've sent to me when I was laying sick in my time of need, then maybe---just maybe there is some way to salvage whatever is left of our friendship. Unfortunately, I can no longer respect you or trust you.

Sorry folks, I just had to get that off my chest. Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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