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Monday, February 26, 2007

My Number One

You woke me up this morning with a kiss. You had been up for several minutes already, holding me tightly and close as you often do. "Good morning my love," you said with a smile. I smiled back, snuggling closer into your warm embrace. "I love you. My angel. My sweet. My princess," you said, each endearment murmured amidst the kisses you rained on my brow and cheeks.

I stretched slowly, reveling in the attention and your hands wrapped around my slender frame. I preened against you like a Siamese cat, melding my body effortlessly into yours. You could tell from the strained look in my eyes that I was dealing with pain that morning and you held me much gentler. "I'll go get your pain meds and something to drink. I'll be right back," you promised with another kiss.

Mmmm. Another reason that I loved you. I had barely said a word about my pain and yet you instinctively knew it was there. After downing the requisite drugs we tumbled back under the covers. It was very early, only 7am on a Sunday morning, and the day stretched before us with promise. "Let's watch a movie," I suggested, not wanting to fall back asleep on such a beautiful morning, yet at the same time not ready to get up yet.

As engrossing as Stomp the Yard was, it wasn't engrossing enough to make me forget that I was here with you. We stopped the movie so many times just to kiss, make out and talk. As soon as the last credits rolled, you turned it off and dumped the portable player on the floor.

Our eyes met unexpectedly and seemed transfixed for an extended moment. The connection that emanated from our souls projected through our pupils and carried a boundless love and promise.

I settled back more fully into your embrace and you started kissing me. For several minutes all we did was kiss, slow, deep kisses with no other intent but to be close. I love kissing you. I love the way your mouth encircles mine, wetting me with your saliva. I love the way we exchange air, taking breaths at the same time. I love the way your soft lips tease me, nipping and sucking on mine. I love the way your tongue frolics with mine, sparking fiery embers in my core. I love you. The rain beat against the window panes, the only sound in the room besides our mingled breath and mutual heartbeats. You kissed me more fervently, wrapping your fingers around my butt, squeezing tightly.

"Have I told you today how much I love you? I'm so blessed to have you in my life," you whispered as you continued with your tender assault. "You didn't deserve to have any of those losers before me, they weren't even worthy of you," you continued as your hands kept wrecking havoc with my body, lacing me with erotic energy in every single cell.

"I know. I deserved you. Only you," I was able to say before the passionate feelings seized my mind again. SHE arose with a vengeance at the point. SHE wanted you in her...and SHE wanted you right now, this very second.

I got up and took your clothes off recklessly, tossing mine as well into a tumbled heap on the ground. As I exposed your nude, muscular body, my eyes alone could not quench her appetite, and your level of attraction for me was one that went well beyond the irresistible frame that I flaunted. You could smell my scent, the scent of my pussy and my body and with no less anticipation you watched me until every last article of clothing dropped from my body to expose what you would later call ‘my infinite beauty’. As if in accord, we didn’t think about what was going to happen next, we just knew that we would give in to the inevitable communion of our bodies, minds and souls.

I crouched above you kissing you again with wild abandon, and could feel my nipples taut and peaked. My body lay over yours, igniting you with passion with every single movement. My nipples seared your flesh, the tight buds a sensation against your skin that you had come to love and crave. I kissed the side of your neck and you groaned. My right hand played with your right nipple as I grazed by body lovingly over yours. My lips eagerly pursued your toned chest and the sensitive areas on your upper torso fanning the flames of yearning with an urgency that belied expectation.

The insidious heat grew incrementally, almost instantaneously and I couldn't help it but follow a trail down your body that magnetically called to me. Your cock was at full mast, standing so proud and erect, like a turgid testament to our desire. I licked you slowly, like I was licking an ice-cream cone, over and over again until your eyes burned into me. Without any demur my lips eagerly found themselves suckling around your extremely aroused and hardened shaft. I could see your gaze caught between looking at my mouth lips wrapped around your shaft and my butt that arched ever so seductively.

Your right hand was on my breast, tweaking and working my nipple, getting me even more aroused than I was getting you. I took you fully into my mouth, as deep as I could go, over and over again, slowly taking my time just the way you like it. I licked and kissed and stroked you with all my passion, as if I was partaking in the last meal of my living days. You groaned for me and I reveled in it, loving the way your body responded to my ministrations. I sucked you and played with you, stroking my tongue against your f-spot, wrapping my fingers against the shaft. My tongue and lips were all it took and I slathered your pre-cum all over my lips. Mmmm. Delicious. You were overtaken by my undeniable passion and easily gave in to my ministrations as you watched me whole heartedly pursue every delectable inch of your cock. After what seemed like quite sometime, I could feel you tamping down your desire, struggling between the fine line of accepting this heavenly pleasure that I was bestowing upon you or bringing me the same level of passion.

"Come up here, I want to kiss you baby," you stated and I instantly complied.

There was something about the hard edge in your voice that made that phrase sound like a caress as well as a command. You wanted to redefine our level of passionate encounter and I was just caught up in the heady hedonistic delights of giving you head. SHE trembled in desire like SHE knew that it was now her time to experience infinite bliss.

We kissed for several enjoyable moments and you thrust your tongue into my mouth amorously, the way that I knew you were about to thrust it into my pussy. This just got me wetter. Your tender lips gently but assertively kissed and sucked every inch of my body while fondling my firm, tender breasts that had been just growing heavy with desire for your touch. I couldn’t help but moan in delight. You wanted to fill me up with your love and your essence. This just made me want you more. I could feel the liquid pooling in my pussy lips, could feel her begging for you to come in to play. But I wasn't done with you yet.

"I have a call of duty," I stated simply as reasserted my desire to have your shaft in my mouth. I traipsed back down your body to give you more head seemingly ignoring your previous request. Your cock and I had a delicious conversation for a few more moments, until you decided to take the reigns fully away from me. In one graceful move, you flipped me on my back and thrust yourself into me. Your thrust left nothing to be desired, only a moment that I knew in my heart that we would together forever cherish. Your shaft entered slowly into my moist anticipating lower lips and they swallowed up your entire hardened cock without a complaint.

I could feel my walls closing around you in exultation and I sighed. You looked deep into my eyes and I could see the same passion that I felt mirrored there. "I love you," you whispered again. I echoed the sentiment, wrapping my fingers through your hair to draw you even closer to me, deeper into me. Then you started to move. My world shattered in one thrust and I was already orgasming. With a few more strokes and I was screaming your name. You drove deeply into me, searing me with everything that was in you, taking me to ecstasy over and over again. My pussy quivered with every stroke and with every stroke I could tell that our ability to control ourselves vanished into nothing but white hot desire.

In one fluid move, you flipped me again, until this time you were driving into me from behind, yet I could see your face. We lay sideways together, nothing touching but our hands that were tightly wrapped in each other, and your cock with my pussy. You kept looking at me, and I couldn't take my gaze off you either, and the magnetic energy flew between us. I kept orgasming over and over again, countless orgasms on top of countless orgasms. I didn't even bother counting, just focused on being present, on staying here with you. You watched me with a mercurial glint, as if you were enjoying each orgasm as much as I was. The orgasms stripped me of everything in my head and all I could do was remain in this state of connection that had impaired my ability to differentiate between who is who, what time it was, where are were and my own known, choosing instead to completely surrender to the moment, with all that it had to offer.

With another deft move you rocked my world again, effortlessly hitting my three g-spots all at once. My back was more arched and you were lying on my back, driving deep into me. I could hear my ass squishing with each thrust and this just made me want it more. You seemed to get that and complied, driving deeper and truer. I wondered what that god-awful noise was until I realized it was me, screaming unintelligibly, caught up in the ecstasy and beautiful symphony of desire.

So naturally did you glide by every one of my most sensitive and appreciative spots with every single one of your strokes. Our moans were in unison now, creating a voice that could no longer be characterized as one or the other, but was a melodic outcry of the most ecstasy known to man. As you turned me over from side to side and fastened my lips with yours, I totally lost all consciousness of self and screamed out loud over and over again, hitting the walls in pure passion. I didn’t even realize that my total surrender to this moment of amplified bliss would render you at the mercy of my own spirit and yours at the same time. I felt so connected to you, as if our spiritual union had finally fully emerged similar to the blossoming petals of a flower in the peak of its growth. I felt like I was on a transcendental beach of love and you were my soul companion. I exploded over and over again and I came so much that my pussy released its essence all down my outer lips and down my butt. Our bodies moved in unison, entirely covered with a fine sheen of sweat intermingled with ecstasy.

And then I was on my back again, and my legs were up, all the way up on your shoulders. You drove deeply into me, faster and faster, faster than a vibrator, truer than the Rabbit. My body clenched and rippled in response, my pussy quivering in joy. We both uttered pledges of love as we looked into each others eyes, as our bodies and spirits coalesced and our explosive and passionate temperament began to emerge in a most unconstrained fashion. I had a slew of three more orgasms, one right after another and I just rode the waves, savoring every single one. I wrapped my feet around your head and drove up as you drove down, forcing a truer penetration. My pussy clenched around your cock so tightly and you threw your head back fighting the desire that threatened to overtake you.

"Cum with me," I begged hoarsely as I felt another wave of ecstasy rush over me. You thrust faster and faster, and my orgasm lasted longer and longer. I kept screaming louder and louder as my body vacillated between mind blowing ecstasy and sheer delight. We were now prisoners to our own connection, prisoners that could only be freed by one another and that moment had finally arrived. You set me free as I set you free. With a deep groan you came fiercely, spurting deep into me. You drew yourself out almost instantly, as if the intensity of the pussy was too much for you to handle.

"WOW," we both said at the same time. "I love you baby," you continued. I smiled and drew you close to me, wrapping myself around you. "That was Number One. Absolutely number one." We stayed liberated in one another’s arms, unable to speak, beyond those phrases, unable to hear, only able to experience the completeness that we had brought one another.

You smiled a Cheshire cat grin as wide as my own. We had officially beaten even our own record. I could tell from the look in your eyes that we were now on a singular path to rekindle a type of love and passion that many of the living don’t even have or can tell about. We had connected more on every plane than I ever thought possible. This day marked the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of a true love story; one that is still young and yearning to be fully realized. This day was the manifestation of the most incredible love that could ever be shared between two living beings.

I love you.

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