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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rug Burn

We were both home for the day and had just eaten lunch. Danny had been telling me about his drive home from the bank. Something about his description turned me on. It wasn't what he was saying, it was the way he said it. He can be quite descriptive when talking about his road rages, to the point that he emasculates the retarded drivers that try to go against him.

"Hmmm," I said, staring at his mouth, at the way his lips curved when he said fuck. Oh yeah, fuck! SHE trilled in response. He didn't notice my abstract mindedness, and just kept talking. "I was all over him on the road, didn't let him go," he continued. Hells yeah, you can be all over me you sexy, foine ass thing you, SHE continued. I tried to focus, I really did, but I felt like I was having two conversations in one and I found the more he talked the less I could focus. Mmmm, those lips, I want them all over me, stop talking and come to mama!

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I slowly pushed him backwards until he was heading towards the living room away from the large bay windows. "What is it?" he asked, even though I could tell from his gaze that he knew my intentions. "Lay down on the floor. Right now," I ordered in a bossy voice. He complied almost too eagerly, but this wasn't enough to kill my moxie.

I took his belt off with dexterity and snapped his buttons off one by one. Within moments he was totally naked on the floor. Nekkid...just the way I like him. I shed my clothes just as easily, and saw him watch me the minute my bra snapped off and my breasts tumbled out of their lacy casement. He wanted my nipple in his mouth, I could tell---but I wasn't ready to be distracted, not yet.

With single minded devotion, I placed kisses on his neck and jaw, then trailed downwards, taking my time and placing butterfly kisses in a winding route all over his body. I could feel his cock stir against my belly, begging me to come down and play, and of course, I couldn't resist.

I took him in my mouth slowly, deeply, savoring every single infinitesimal inch until I could take no more. I lathed him and sucked him, enjoying it as much as I was. His groans drove me wild, making me want to fire him up more. My lips worked wonders on his shaft while my tongue drew crazy circles all around his frenulum the way he would work my clit. It was heavenly and I was rewarded lavishly with juicy cum dripping slowly into my mouth. I lapped it up like a Persian cat lapping up cream, slurping and kissing and sucking to my hearts content.

Incapacitated by his bad back, Danny could only lay helplessly beneath me instead of bucking into the fray and this just spurred me on. He was mine. All at my mercy. He loved it though, and he kept playing with my left breast, flicking my nipple and tenderly squeezing it. My wrist action was on point, creating a vacuum of desire from which his precum spilled through my questing fingers. I kept at it, arching my back, sticking out my ass, rubbing my hardened nipples against his thighs. I was as turned on as he was and it was instinctual, every movement in perfect symphony to what he wanted and needed. It was a feast of carnal delights, both of us imbibing in each other to the fullest extent.

I kept at it, increasing his ardor, burning myself with the heat I was creating as fully as I was burning him. I was all over him, my fingers playing with his nipples, licking, twirling, sucking slowly, taking him in my mouth deeply over and over again. It was a sinuous movement, quite elemental, and I was drawn to him magnetically, right back to his cock to love and cherish it.

My pussy was full of wetness, and I could feel the cum in between my folds. I hoisted myself up and positioned right on top of him, sliding his turgid cock into me effortlessly. My walls welcomed him and warmed him. God, he felt so damn good. I ground my waist against him and instantly came, wetting him further with my juices. The orgasm felt so good, and I could tell from the promise in his obsidian gaze that there were many more to come.

I rode him slowly, easing myself up to the tip of his cock, and driving myself back in. He rubbed against my g-spot effortlessly and my thighs shook with the force of my orgasms. Over and over again I came, spilling juices all on his cock, coating it with my essence. I started slowly down, caught up in the ardor of desire and he grabbed my hips, bucking me deeply and more fully, thrusting me up and down against his shaft. The blood was pounding in my ears and I was filled with exhilaration and delight.

Every touch, every kiss, every moment was laced with pure love, passion and ecstasy. We were both caught up in the mutual enthrallment of our delight. My right hand got interlaced with his and we rode another orgasmal wave together and he came as well, gripping me solidly on top of him.

We floated back to earth slowly, the plane of sensual delight held us in it's warm embrace as we held each other.

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