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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ball Games

It all started with me reading the finale to the Overeducated Nympho's blowjob series. I don't know if it was a combo of what she said or how she said it, but reading it made me so fucking horny. I wanted Danny's cock and I wanted it right then and there. So I went cock hunting.

He was in the bathroom, finishing up his meticulous nightly toilette. "Hey, are you ready to come to bed?" he asked me barely paying me any mind. I stripped off all my clothes in an instant, revealing nothing but chocolaty skin, legs for days and and white lacy boy shorts. "Almost," I stated emphatically enough that he glanced over at me. The double-take was instantaneous and he dropped everything he was doing and headed over to where I was standing.

We stood for a few seconds just inches apart. He held my gaze so passionately and that just made me wetter. Oh yeah, he was so in for it. As if reading the challenge in my eyes, Danny kissed me slowly, sensuously, sensing that in that one deep, hot kiss he would have me in the palm of his hand. That would have worked seven minutes ago before I read the blog--but right now, in this minute? SHE wanted his cock. Right now.

"Down. Now," I ordered in a voice that brooked no complaint. Almost too eagerly Danny followed my instructions. Oh yeah....he so wanted it.

I slid down his body and dropped his boxers in one smooth motion. His cock was already semi-hard and I could smell the warm, masculine scent of him. I buried my face in his crotch and licked his balls. This evening, I was going to play with his balls. With my balls. My hands circled them slowly, probably tickling him. I licked and kissed them at the same time, watching the round firmness of their shape. They were so soft, so pliable and I just felt like massaging them over and over again. I let my lips do the work instead, and I kissed them softly. Licking and sucking, kissing and flicking.

Danny moaned softly. Oh yeah, he was totally loving it, I could tell that he was drunk on my touch, on my feel and my passion. I took my time, playing with his ball sac as if it was the only part of his body that existed in my scope. Tenderly and gently I laved them, until finally his hard hot cock demanded my attention. I don't know what it is, but there is something about Danny's cock---just his cock, that begs me to wrap my cock sucking lips all around them.

With one last kiss I headed north and twirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. When it was wet enough, I looked up at him, licking his cock like it was an ice cream cone. He watched me with half lidded eyes, as if trying to stay on this level and yet let himself go. A delicious shiver rocked through me and I know that he felt it as well. My mouth stayed on him, wet and demanding, sucking and slathering, begging him for everything he could give.

With hot, velvety strokes of my tongue, I left no inch of him untasted. He grabbed my head, urging me to go faster and harder, but the pace was mine to set, and he was in for more delicious energy before I was done with him.

My boobs grazed across his thighs, my nipples tightly peaked with passion. I was so aroused, burning just as much as he was. Over and over again I kissed him, laved him, loved him up and loved him down. I built the fires gently, fanning them higher and higher and then with a diabolical twist of my tongue against his frenulum I beat them down. My right hand eased up and down his long shaft and I took him in deep, until my eyes were tearing with the effort. Even then I couldn't get him all the way in, but this was no deterrent to my passion. I kept at it with nice long deep strokes, just the way he loves it.

Danny couldn't help himself anymore and had to join into the furor. He thrust his cock in synchrony with my movements and I couldn't help but moan louder. I so love it when he does that. His hand was tangled in my hair while the other was kneading my breasts, teasing my nipples in exhilaration. This just excited me more and my pressure increased as I threw my other hand into the mix, working the flow of my mouth, my tongue, my body and hands all in one beautiful and erotic symphony.

"I want to fuck you," he stated simply as he tried to pull away. I tightened my hold around him, ignoring his request. SHE didn't mind waiting until later because SHE sensed that I needed his cock more. I feasted on him like he was ambrosia from the gods. He was almost over the edge, I could sense it, and I couldn't relent in my efforts until he came. My lips teased him more, begging for it, demanding his release and my deep, relentless motions were driving him delirious with desire.

He responded to me with all the explosive passion that I sensed earlier was tightly sheathed in him and flooded his juices all in my mouth. He rose up under me, his muscles locking, clenching and shuddering and still I kept my mouth locked on his cock. I teased him with light butterfly kisses, rocking his orgasmic pleasure and taking it to new heights. I swallowed everything in one shot and gazed at him with cum smeared all over my lips.

"Yum. Yum," I said. He couldn't help it but laugh.


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