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Friday, March 23, 2007


For some reason the last couple of days, work has gotten in both our ways. We both end up falling asleep in each other's arms, night after night only to wake up early the next morning to head to work all over again, have full productive days and come home exhausted.

But this morning, it was different. We were both off. Lovely. Actually, it was more than lovely. It was AMAZING. In caps.

I awoke to the warm, sensuous caress of Danny. His face was buried in my neck, licking and nibbling at my enticing and sensitive spots. His hands were trailing lightly across my skin, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. I could sense that SHE was arising from slumber and I sighed happily. My period was finally over, which meant that this morning, I was going to get devoured. Thoroughly.

As if reading my mind Danny kissed me full on the mouth, filling me with more delicious heat. "I love you, mon ange," he whispered softly in my mouth. His tongue played slowly with mine arising each one of my senses until I was clinging to him in passionate abandon. He divested me of the rest of my underwear, my thong panties carelessly thrown and hanging crookedly off the lamp. His kisses were so divine, so all encompassing, so passionate and filled with desire that I opened up willingly, like a flower to the sun.

He kept kissing me, working slowly down my body, one delicious inch at a time. He savored me and I stretched, arching my back in total surrender. He took his time, gently teasing and tasting me, forcing me to do naught but accept his ministrations. He paused over my heated flesh and my nipples peaked harder, as if they weren't tight buds of anticipation all ready. With a smile and a glimmer in his obsidian gaze, his full lips covered my quivering right breast. Mmmm, so good. He captured my nipple gently and swirled his tongue around it, silently promising me that he was going to wreck much more havoc on my pussy. His hands were everywhere, teasing here, caressing there, leaving me waiting and wanting, almost begging to be sated.

SHE clenched in anticipation and I could sense that I was already wet. He switched to my other breast, murmuring sweet endearments above my heated flesh and watching me all the well. I couldn't stop looking at him, so magnetic was his look, so mesmerizing was his touch. I wrapped my fingers in his hair and urged him south, almost about to force his face down into my pussy.

He knew I was burning with desire, but he would not be rushed. I had teased and tortured him with my blowjobs all week long, and I could tell from the tightly leashed passion in his eyes that he was holding himself fully in check---and that I was going to have to pay the piper. His teeth grazed my abdomen and I held back a moan, determined not to let him know how much this foreplay was driving me insane. My hands belied my voice however, as they were tightly bunched in the sheets and my legs tightly clamped around him.

"Oh Danny," I pleaded as I forced myself to relax. "Please hurry," I begged in a harsh whisper. He complied by licking my hip bone, teasing me there with his lips as well. He took his time, laving and licking all over my pubes, my thighs and my butt. He turned me over until my stomach was flat on the bed, my ass sticking in the air. I kept moaning and moaning, burying my face in the pillow to keep from crying out louder.

The heat of his breath reached my pussy before his lips did. I was so ready, so wet, so heated that I knew that I was about to fall off the precipice of desire in that single moment. His lips touched my lower lips, and instantly, I shattered into a million little fragments. He continued the caress, even though his face was already rapidly getting coated with my cum. He licked and laved, kissed and sucked until seconds later I was coming again. I

The position was wickedly provocative as I couldn't see what he was doing, I could only feel him. He spread my thighs wider and stuck his tongue in my pussy. His finger was doing wild circle on the other side of my clit, driving me deeper and deeper into the abyss of transcendental delight. I ached up against him, trying desperately to retain some semblance of control, but he would not be denied.

I kept coming unto his face, over and over again, until I felt streams of cum pouring down my thighs like molten lava. He buried his face in it, revelling in my essence, unperturbed that his face was totally coated with me. His wicked tongue wrecked wicked wonders all through my body with intense motions designed to drive me wild. I let myself go completely and crested the waves, riding each orgasm to it's full completion.

It wasn't until after my eighth orgasm that a huge wet spot right under me and the coldness of it sent a wondrous shock through my system. On watery limbs I raised myself up slowly, opening my eyes in surprise. "Is that all me?" I asked. He nodded, a wide Cheshire grin on his face.

"That was just an appetizer my love," he promised darkly. I gulped. Danny laughed and got up, handing me a glass of water to replenish my juices. I drank it eagerly, savoring the coolness trickling down my throat. Which reminded me of something else that I wanted trickling down my throat.

Danny sensed the gleam in my eye as I approached him. I wrapped my fingers around his turgid, big cock and it pulsed upwards as if greeting me. I smiled, licking my lips in eager anticipation. Oh yeah baby. I bent my head to the task, tasting him just as fully as he had tasted me. I got in a dozen licks and sucks before Danny decided that this mini-break was over and it was time for me to get devoured all over again. I actually pouted, annoyed that I couldn't get his cock into my mouth for much longer. "Later," he promised with a grin as he thrust me down on the bed.

This time, he placed me laying supine and able to see him. Pleasure, sweet and pure started at the touch of his mouth once again on my heated pussy. SHE was as enthralled as I was and I came again, shattering into one huge erogenous zone of ecstasy. His fingers continued to play with me, plying me one by one. I felt as if I was assailed by myriad tongues, all lapping slowly, then quickly, building up the bonfire of desire. I gave myself into all the sensations, from the heat of his breath to the full softness of his lips. I wanted it all. And I got it all.

I came again and again, over and over, delicious orgasm on top of delicious orgasm. "I love the way you taste, my heart," he murmured in my slick wet folds, causing more shivers of exuberant joy to lace over my whole body. "I love you," he continued, watching me with those hazel eyes revelling in our connection the same way I watched him.

For the third time we had to move over, for there was another huge wet spot on the scarlet sheets. My fingers tangled in his hair and and arched yet again, rending the air with my screams of ecstasy. I started having multiple orgasms as he continued lapping, sucking and frolicking with my clitoris and g-spots...just knowing where they were and how to make me cum. His face was shiny with my essence, coated and fully saturated with the full symphony of my orgasms. 19...and counting.

"It's so lonely this way," I pleaded for the umpteenth time, begging him to come into me and share this paradise with me. "I want you inside of me. I want us to be one," I stated simply, locking his gaze with mine.

He agreed with one hard push, thrusting himself into me so effortlessly and filling me so completely that I couldn't help but latch tightly onto him and cry out. We were both caught even more in the dizzying ecstasy of our completion. "Oh. My. God. O!" I screamed as he thrust into my slick, wet depths. He drove into me again and again, deep thrusts that burst into my molten core, searing me and leaving me shouting high into the heavens as stars flashed in front of my eyes. I was in ultimate paradise and moments later he joined me. Our bodies tightened as one and the fire between us exploded into the heavens.

We floated to the earth slowly, both unable to think, unable to speak, unable to move. All we could do was bask in the moment, and in the full manifestation of the great love we had.

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