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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Spell of Desire

I work the graveyard shift now. I was very surprised when I came home and Norio was already up, sitting on the couch lost in thought. He came up to me and gave me a kiss, totally ignoring the fact that I had just come home from the hospital. "You're so beautiful Badspice. I missed you," he stated as he grabbed my bag and set it on the floor. "Wow---you're glowing," he complimented me with a smile.

"I'm going to jump into the shower honey---you're welcome to join me," I intoned as I headed for the bedroom. The night had been really rough and busy, and I was looking forward to climbing into bed. My body was tired--but my Pussy? SHE had other plans. I shed my clothes and hopped into the streaming and refreshing spray of hot water.

Moments later he was in there with me, his big strong arms around me, holding me gently as water sluiced over our bodies. Just looking at him naked was more than enough to get me aroused and I started kissing him, long, hot, wet kisses as my tongue playfully frolicked with his. The heat of the shower soon became intense as we were burning up internally as well in white hot flames of passion.

I kissed his neck and chest, taking my time to lap up the water on his skin and Norio moaned softly, wrapping his fingers in my hair. I dropped to my knees minutes after that, his cock proudly calling to me like a beacon in the night. It was rock hard, and my fingers closed around him greedily as I bent even lower and licked his balls throughly. He was enjoying every moment of it and looked down at me in absolute desire. I took my time, laving his body like it was my own personal playground, and loving every inch and centimeter between his thighs, all the crevices that tend to get hurried over were given their own loving attention.

His hands wound in my hair, increasing in urgency and only then did I take his cock fully into my mouth. The tip was my own lollipop and my tongue twirled round and round, as my fingers lightly encircled his shaft. I took it slowly, one beautiful turgid inch at a time and savored his responses to my motions. My ass was rocking round in total enticement and I could feel his balls tightening up. I caught my rhythm almost instantly, delving into his cock as my pure delight. The Pussy started throbbing, and I knew without even touching myself that I was wet beyond belief.

My mouth worked his cock hard and deep, then switched to shallow and deep, imperceptibly driving his sensory cells into total oblivion. He started talking to me, telling me he was going to fuck me hard and fuck me well. "Promises, promises," I murmured as my mouth was still wrapped around his cock. The words came out muffled but he got the meaning and raised his eyebrow. "Is that a challenge wifey?" he stated. I didn't reply, just shot him a look of total captivation and kept working his cock.

He wrenched away from me slowly and I refused, diving back into his cock to continue my meal.
Up and down, round and round, my motions were smooth and gentle. His cock was totally juicy, rewarding me with drops and drops of delicious precum. My enthusiasm knew no bounds and I went as deep as I could, gagging several times but continuing to suck his cock like there was nothing else on earth that matter.

Norio pulled away from me a second time, and this time I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was on another level. We were both still in the shower and he shut the water off, bending me over at the same time. His cock probed the outer walls of my Pussy and I moaned in desire, yearning him with a huge, burning intensity that belied my understanding.

He stayed at the entrance of my Pussy, beckoning her open gradually like a newly budded flower. Finally he thrust into me with one slow insidious yet enchanting stroke. It was subliminally designed to bring me to my knees and I fought back a scream as his cock hit my g-spot right then and there.

Norio knew it too, rubbing against my hot spot and grabbing my ass. He drove into me again and I thought I would die from the sheer pleasure of it. An orgasm ripped through me instantaneously, with a force of a thousand enrapturing lights. I screamed loudly, grabbing the side of the shower for support. Norio just kept on, driving powerfully his huge cock into me, filling me and stretching me until SHE could take no more.

Every stroke was a miraculous combination of power, passion and possession; and he staked his claim to my Pussy over and over again, as orgasms leapt and danced through me in a beautiful ecstatic wave. I could feel him holding back and I took the surge, driving my ass into his cock as it slammed into me. We melded, hearts, souls and bodies in those moments as he loved me up, down and all the way around. Together as one unit we flew, over our breathe, over even our bodies as we reached an elemental plane of cataclysmic delight.

"Wo---wow," he breathed as he shuddered above me. I couldn't even respond, just fell to the shower floor in a puddle of limbless, floating light.

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