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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sleepy Time

I've been working nights for the last week and it's really had an impact on our bedroom activities. When I got home that morning, Norio had made me breakfast and he gave me a foot massage as I ate and talked about my shift last night. After my hunger was appeased, my bed called to me and I stripped naked and jumped into it, more than ready to succumb to sleep. Norio was already up for the day but I asked him to stay in bed and spoon me until I fell asleep.

He kissed me on the nape of my neck and rubbed my shoulders softly and within moments I was fast asleep.

I was sleeping. Deep in a REM sleep fueled by working overnight for two nights consecutively. My sleep cycle was off, my body was exhausted as I slept...but the Pussy? She was WIDE AWAKE. SHE woke me up a mere 3 hours later. Norio was still in the room, having just taken a shower and in front of his closet, getting dressed. My eyes were groggy and full of sleep, but my Pussy was roaring for only one thing---Norio's cock.

"Baby? Are you okay?" he asked as he put his belt on. This just drew my eyes to his groin. "Yeah, I just need something," I said in a husky voice as I beckoned him closer. He took a few steps towards the bed, close enough for me to snag his belt buckle. My fingers deftly divested him of his clothes and his cock sprang to my hands, supple and pliant. "Aren't you tired," he asked in a surprised tone. I didn't bother responding, just took his cock into my mouth.

He sucked in a breath as I sucked him slowly, first taking the tip only into my mouth. My lips consumed his cock, taking one slow inch at a time, savoring the pull of passion that instantly flared between us. His cock grew in seconds turgid and full in my possession. I devoured him, catching a rhythm instantaneously. My hips gyrated on the bed synchronously with my lips and his cock responded, jerking and growing even fuller.

I traced the circumference of his cock with my tongue, drawing each lick and suck out into a beautiful cataclysmic delight. I could tell the Norio was in the zone as he let out a low moan. My right hand traced his body, rubbing against the sculpted muscles of his chest and playing with his nipples. My other hand was playing with his balls and my throat was relaxed from sleep, taking him deeper and deeper.

Oh my gosh, just thinking about this makes me all wet and bothered again! Norio hissed as I changed the rhythm, going faster and faster, deeper and deeper. He wanted to fuck me right there and then, but I just wanted cum on top of cock and I threw everything in my arsenal at him, sucking his cock like it was food from the gods.

And cum he did, in utterly decadent wicked spurts of thick, creamy cum streaming on me in wild celebration. He quivered above me, shocked and speechless beyond comprehension. "Thank you," I said as I wiped my face off with a towel and climbed back into bed, ready to sleep the sleep of the blessed at last.


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