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Monday, June 04, 2007

Halls & Walls

That morning, in the wee hours of the night, I'd been all over his cock, devouring it with wild abandon, not just for me but for HER sake as well. We'd had a lusty encounter in the shower, with warm water spraying all over the place and neither of us caring until we both collapsed limp on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Hours later we awoke, and after a sumptuous breakfast we both headed to our respective computers to do some work. I kept getting distracted however. SHE was still aching to feel his cock in her.

It was hard to concentrate as I kept having to wriggle in my seat to settle my tight pussy, swollen with need. It didn't help that I could see Danny in the other room, his shirt off as he worked on his music while his muscles were practically begging to be touched. I forced myself to sit still at my desk and tried to work to no avail. SHE wanted his cock. All of it. 'It's shit like this that will get you banned from the cock for 3 days, he already came a couple of hours ago,' I said to myself. "I DON'T CARE. I WANT MY COCK, GIMME GIMME RIGHT NOW!" SHE responded. I was waging this internal war for what seemed like an hour, even though in reality it was probably just a few minutes.

Danny chose that precise moment to walk past me on the way to the bedroom. I don't know why he was going there but as soon as I saw him walk past me, I stood up and followed him, galvanized by the Pussy. He heard my footsteps and turned around. "Hey baby, what's up?" he asked as he took a few more steps toward the room. I reached out and grabbed him then, staring straight into his eyes and grabbing his ass. Oh yeah, he knew what was up.

"Right here? Right now?" he said, looking around at the large windows that were open for all to see. I acquiesced to his not so subtle request and pushed him forward until he was right in the middle of the hallway, where there were no windows or doors. It was so on.

SHE sprang into action then and I found myself unbuckling his belt, and taking his jeans off. I had to have his cock in my mouth right then and there, I just needed it like a fish needed water. With no dramatics, his boxers found themselves on the floor as well, and his cock found itself in my mouth. Oh...yeah.

He surged and swelled within seconds under my ministrations. Danny watched me through half lidded eyes and I couldn't help but smile back in satisfaction. I was in my favorite position, kneeling up and looking at him, with his big, juicy cock in my mouth. My tongue and lips found their own rhythm and soon the only sounds heard in the dim hallway was my satisfied sucking and his low moans. I tasted a stream of pre-cum and this just excited me more, leading me to want to suck him fuller and deeper. He grew larger still, and my right hand rubbed his balls, dripping warm saliva on my fingers as I played with him. My left hand trailed upwards his body, feeling the ripple of warm muscles under my hand and his taut nipples. I flicked his nipples, playing with them as he played with mine while my tongue was drawing tight circles around his tip.

He groaned then as I took him deeper still until his cock hit the back of my throat. Tears sprang to my eyes but I continued, wriggling my ass in the rhythm of my strokes. I sped up, then went slower and softer, until he was tightly corded as if he was about to shoot a load. I was ready for him to cum, already stroking him with my hand, ready to taste his cum all up in my mouth.

Danny took the reins however and grabbed me, turning me around and burying his cock into my pussy in one long deep stroke. SHE was thrilled, practically shaking and quivering in anticipation of his cock all afternoon. I was on my hands and knees and bent forward to be able to take him all in. Danny moved then, one slow stroke that shot shards of fire through my body. His strokes were slow and his thrusts excruciatingly enticing hitting my g-spot each time with the accuracy of an Olympian athlete. Within seconds I came all over his cock and my pussy did a dance of ecstasy. Over and over again he fucked me, intensely slow yet so hard, each stroke lancing me and building the fire. SHE clung to him like he was her saving grace and this just made each stroke so much more powerful. He kept thrusting sure and slow, and I ground my ass into his thighs, trying to drive him over the edge of oblivion. He wouldn't be deterred however from making me cum 6 fucking times before he came himself in a dizzying rush of slick hot cum.

I collapsed on the floor and watched him as he stood over me feeling like a conqueror. Of course, SHE was the real conqueror, but neither of us are going to acknowledge that. That was actually the very first time we had fucked in the hallway. We will definitely do that more often.

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