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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Tsunami

The following encounter officially made it to the top of all the lists. Best Head I ever Got, Highest Number of Orgasms, Best Sexual Encounter....BEST EVERYTHING.

Danny came home from work and I sat him down to dinner. "What would you like to do tonight? Watch some TV?" he asked as he washed up. "No. I want you to eat me out," I stated simply as I took the dishrag from him and dragged him by the hand to the bedroom. "It's like that?" he asked in surprise as I stripped all my clothes and lay on the bed. Oh yeah baby boy, it's more than that. My pussy was still a bit ravaged from our last encounter, and even SHE realized it. There was nothing more precious that would make her recover faster than some tender loving care.

He shed his clothes slowly, drawing out the moment for as long as he could. When he was just wearing his boxers he got between my legs. Maintaining eye contact he blew me an air kiss, his full lips forming into a perfect kiss. I got all excited at that gesture as the cool air whispered between my thighs. Danny played with me first, teasing me lightly with his mouth, kissing my breasts leaving them swollen and aching with need. Liquid heat pooled in my core and I knew that SHE was more than ready to be tasted.

Danny's tongue whispered against my soft folds, telling her secrets that I couldn't share. I restlessly ran my fingers through his hair and brought him close, wanting more---needing more than just a teasing kiss. He relented and increased his ardor, driving his tongue deep into my pussy lips. I keened and arched against him in ecstasy as a wave of orgasm shot through me. I was a quivering mass of pleasure. White hot electricity entranced every fiber of my being, from the first touch of his lips unto my pussy lips. I don't know how he does it, but Danny is the best pussy worshiper in the world. He devoured my pussy like it was a feast fit only for his majestic pleasure. He consumed me, inciting spirals of fire in my body into a seething bonfire that left me writhing helplessly beneath him.

Again and again he ate me, again and again he made me cum. I came so hard and so fast, dizzying orgasm on top of dizzying orgasm. The furor of my desire shook me to the core and I couldn't help but scream and mutter unintelligible phrases over and over again. He kept my thighs wide open with his hands and loved me up like never before. My pussy rewarded him incessantly, gushing out so much cum that I was amazed. I had never ejaculated like this before.

It was a, it was an ocean of cum, dripping, gushing and pouring everywhere like it was coming from a water faucet. The wet spot under my ass got bigger and bigger, and still I gushed on, as pleasure flowed through my veins like lava down a mountain. I wasn't cognizant of anything, other than this intense erotic experience that was invading me. Danny kept at it, incorporating his fingers, tongue and lips, working my pussy like he never had before. It was on a whole 'nother level, something elementally perfect that tears sprang to my eyes. I was lost on a sea of dizzying passion and I cried out his name over and over again. I remember having one orgasm that was so long that I thought my heart would explode. It was a wave of four orgasms linked together into one long orgasm that lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

I kept arching off the bed and he kept clamping me down, showing me over and over again that he wasn't done with me yet. My heart beat rapidly in my chest and there was a loud roaring in my ears. I thought I was going to die from the sheer ecstasy of it. I begged him to stop, pleaded with him that I'd had enough but Danny obviously hadn't had enough of me. A few minutes later he got me a towel to lay on, so that the large wet puddle on the bed wouldn't be too uncomfortable. "Lay back down baby, I"m just getting started," he promised wickedly.


My pussy was thrilled with that and the moment his lips touched me again I saw heaven. Orgasms ripped through me in a dizzying wave that I couldn't even count anymore, just think and feel how amazing this moment was. It was interminably long and Danny kept at it, licking that pussy all the way clean. I clenched him, unable to stop the waves that kept overtaking me and the liquid gushing into his face of it's own accord. My pussy was no longer was completely owned by Danny.

Finally, after what seemed to be another earth shattering half an hour, Danny let go of my pussy and started to gently massage me. I was so highly sensitized at that point taht even that light touch was driving me dizzy. He headed south down my legs, trailing his fingers up and down them. The stirring breeze invigorated me slightly but when he dipped my toes into his mouth I totally lost it again. Another full orgasm rocked me and I saw the long squirt of cum gushing out of my pussy. It was so over.

I clung to consciousness with a mere thread of willpower and still Danny hadn't had his full. He stroked, licked, teased and sucked his way into every cell of my body, leaving me a heaving, screaming body of jelly that was unable to move, unable to think and unable to breathe. OH MY GOD! It was the best sexual experience of my life---and we didn't even have sex! It was like I wasn't myself, just a conglomeration of beautiful earth shattering, pussy squirting orgasm right on top of another one.

It was better than Waterfall, Volcano or even Paradise, all put together. This was beyond anything I had ever seen or heard of. The towel under my ass was a soaking testament to the furor of my desire. SHE was actually fully appeased for the pussy slaying of the night before. Danny more than made up for it.

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