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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hospital Freaks

If you all remember, I was sick a few months past with my normal illness. It was the last day before I was to go home and Danny had just got back from Oregon from an 11 day stint. I missed he soooo much while he was gone, even though I was ill and dealing with family drama, I still wanted my man fiercely with intensity.

He walked into my hospital room looking like a delicious Greek god. His face was clean shaven, he smelled great and just looked soooo yummy. I wanted to eat him up right then and there. I wasn't as beautified, my hair was a ragged mess and I know that there is no way you can properly get clean with a bed bath.

But he didn't care. He just grabbed me and kissed me furiously, melding my mouth with his as he ran his fingers through my hair. His full lips teased mine and I was caught up in the kiss, rocked to the core of having Danny in my arms all over again. I was lying on the hospital bed and he crouched above me, lacing me with his tongue and filling my mouth with his kiss. Oh...Danny!

We necked and cuddled for a while, caught up in the lull of Sunday afternoon. My room was a private one, and we could hear the buzz of the nurses' station but all the action passed by us. I caught him up on everything that had happened in the last 11 days and he told me some about his vacation. The more we talked, the closer Danny got until we were laying side by side on the hospital twin bed, as close as our bodies could let us. My butt fit perfectly into his groin and my neck fit perfectly into the crook of his neck. He was so damn sexy! He whispered in my ear, just all the naughty things that he wished he could do to me.

"I wish I could just fuck you right here and now. I'm so into you," he whispered sexily. "So what's stopping you?" I responded...actually SHE responded as liquid heat pooled already in my loins. "Well, um, you are sick in the hospital, remember?" he stated as he nuzzled my neck. Although his lips were telling me no, his body---mainly his rock-hard cock was telling me hells fuckin' yeah.

I wriggled my ass against him, rubbing him into a furious heat. He grabbed my hips to stop the motion but for some reason it made him hotter. I started kissing him then, moist wet liquid kisses designed for only one purpose, for him to want to take me right then and there. "We've done it on the highway, in a public park and at a restaurant bathroom. Why not add something else to the list?" I continued as I licked his neck and tweaked his nipples, driving his desire higher and higher.

Danny was more than ready for me. My hospital gown provided easy access and in seconds his cock was whipped out of his jeans, proud and turgid in the afternoon light. Yummy. I wanted to suck him off right then and there but Danny and SHE had other things on their mind. His cock plunged into my pussy slowly and erotically, drawing each inch like a blade of liquid hot fire. He seared me with his heat and energy and then withdrew for a moment leaving me completely bereft only to come back and enter me with his deliciousness again. I wanted more and he got that, rocking my hips to and fro as he pounded into me from behind.

His cock was at a perfect angle and I couldn't help but to cum, over and over again, spilling juices all over his member. My screams were caught up in the pillow and the naughty titillation of possibly being caught further added to the desire. Over and over again Danny fucked me just the way I had imagined it on all the nights I lay here wanting him. He bit my neck as he came, hard and I relished it, taking every drop of cum from him, wringing every drop out completely with the tight walls of my pussy.

We broke apart with a laugh and I straightened my gown while he did his clothes up. "I can't believe you just did that! You horn dog---I'm in the hospital!" I teasingly protested as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with fervor and laced intensity. "You know you wanted it," he said with no shame as he gathered me close.

Oh yeah, he was so right. SHE wanted it. I wanted it. We both got it.

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