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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Fourth Hour

His hands plied over my body, kneading and caressing in firm strokes. I curled deeper into the covers, not sure if this was a dream or reality, but either way I didn't want it to stop. His hands read my mind as they kneaded over my breasts, twirling and tweaking my nipples. I let out a soft moan and lay with my eyes closed, afraid that if I opened them the dream would be over and I would be nothing but a mass of horny pussy.

Speaking of pussy, the hands found their way to my pussy, slowly, inexorably and gently---yet with strong insistence and a sense of urgency. My PJ bottoms and panties were discarded in a single push and the chill of the early morning made goose bumps rise on my thighs. It wasn't until I felt his hard, throbbing cock pushing it's way through my slick pussy walls that my eyes flew open. It wasn't a dream! Oh thank the Goddess!

My pussy responded with slick goodness, and his cock slid in until he was buried to the hilt. "Welcome home, we've missed you," I said huskily as my pussy flexed in gratitude. He buried his face in my neck and breathed me in as his hips moved forcefully, pushing me deeper into the mattress.

It was so fuckin' incredible. The first orgasm rolled through me in a beautiful song and I cried out as my back arched fiercely. Blood roared through my veins and I wanted MORE! My pussy was tight, so intensely tight and gripped him tenaciously, making each thrust a long, drawn out process of yin against yang. My arms were wrapped around him just as tightly as well as my thighs as he kept thrusting and fucking me deeply. I never wanted to let him go.

He started going faster and faster, coiling me profoundly in a furious wave of passion. I burned under him, cumming fast and continuous as he throbbed, prodded and fucked me into a dizzying ecstasy. SHE was more than satisfied, especially when he pulled my legs and placed them on his shoulders, as he drove deeper and deeper still, hitting my three g-spots with each stroke.

Fire poured through my body, served up graciously from his hard, throbbing 9 inch miracle. I took him all in and rode the waves, catching each glorious orgasm over and over again. My nails dug into his back and he flipped me again, turning me at a ninety degree angle from him. He kept fucking me, never once losing his rhythm as he sped up and then slowed down, driving me insane with desire. His hands sent spirals of lightning coursing through my bloodstream. My throat got hoarse and I didn't know why, perspiration dripped from my pores and all I could do was writhe helplessly under him, wanting more...needing more.

He turned me again, filling me completely and stretching HER out in a glorious sensation. His boxers rubbed against my ass and even that sensation was driving me over the edge. He lanced me with constant pleasure over and over again until I was a bumbling, hysterical mass of champagne infused cells. A kaleidescope of color flashed before my eyes and I clung to him tightly, knowing that only he could give me more.

And give me more he did. Danny fucked me like he hadn't in 3 days and MORE THAN made up for his sick leave. He fucked me until the Pussy was pleased, ecstatic and throbbing beyond measure. He fucked me until my lower lips were swollen and tight. He fucked me until my over sensitized body cried for no more release. He fucked me until I begged for him to stop, knowing that another orgasm would shatter me completely. He drove himself deeply into me again, another series that had me flying over the edge of my last orgasm. He shuddered as he took the edge with me and we both came and our juices joined together, the same way we were joined together.


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