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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Poco a Poco

This morning we were both in the shower. My pussy was still a tad sore from the hallway fucking the day before but that didn't deter me from wanting my baby's cock. Nothing can. Water sluiced over both of us and I held the loofah in my hand and scrubbed his muscular body with the other. Any chance to touch Danny's body and I'm all over it. "Ummm, what's that?" I asked, as I noticed a raw spot on his cock that looked suspiciously like a synonymous bruise to the one my Pussy was sporting from our previous encounter. "Yeah, my cock is really sore this morning. I think we should both take today off to heal," he suggested.

I coudln't contain my look of disappointment. Fuck my big mouth. "Please...?" I begged as I glanced down at his cock. It's so fuckin' beautiful, it's not my fault that I want to eat it up---that's his. "No. I think that will just make it worse."

"I promise to be gentle. Real gentle," I whipsered as I maintained eye contact and touched his cock experiemntally. It was sore,I could see from the wince he quickly hid. "No baby...we'll both be fine tomorrow," he stated as he turned the water off, the prelude to getting out of the shower.

"Well---can I at least lick your balls?" I asked again, figuring that since his balls weren't sore he wouldn't say no. "Okay, fine," he agreed as he moved one hand over his cock to make sure that I didn't renege on my word. Hahaha, he knows me so well.

I got down and dirty with the twins and licked them thoroughly since they seemed to be the only portion of his Hotness that his Highness was going to let me enjoy that morning. Water dripped off his balls and I licked that up as well, savoring and hydrating at the same time. He loves me licking his balls, and I must say, I love licking his balls. He let me at it for several minutes while I was slowly shaking and twitching my ass in his line of sight. "You can lick just the tip of my cock," he negotiated and I smiled to myself. Gotcha!

From there of course the licking continued on until I had his whole cock in my mouth, right where it was supposed to be, right where I fuckin' want it to be all the fuckin' time. I went soft and gentle, just like I promised and this had the impact of adding a new feel to the encounter. A few minutes later and it turned to be another beautiful day started with a breakfast of cock with a side of cum. Yum!


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