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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Bliss---His Turn

Norio's birthday was last week Thursday. 3 days prior to that, I had initiated a sex fast to help our sexual energy simmer and boil over before D-day. I won't bore you with the amazingly fantastic day we had, but needless to say it was one that was lauded over with much pomp, love and romance. I had been planning it for weeks, and it was the culmination of all my dreams.

He got a ton of presents from me, but the greatest one was of course, the one that I presented him with that night in bed. I had purchased a nurse uniform, crotchless panties and lots of accessories for my lovely surprise. He woke up to find me leaning on top of him, my breasts almost popping out of the sexy nurse outfit.

"Good Morning Mr. Birthday Boy. My name is Badspice and I'm going to be your nurse for today. I need to check your temperature," I said in a soft voice as I leaned on top of him and kissed him slowly on the lips. "Damn, I wished nurses looked like you, I'd be sick all the time," he stated.

"Hmmm, I think you might have a slight temp," I continued as I kissed both his lips, sucking on them gently. His mouth opened and I plopped my tongue in, adroitly melding my tongue with his, fucking his mouth as he would later fuck me.

"Whoa," he breathed when I finally let him up for air. "Is that how you check all your patient's temperatures?"

"Only the very hot ones," I whispered sexily as I bent over him to listen to his heartbeat. My hand was on his rock hard chest and I felt his heart pumping strongly, surging lots of blood into his cock. With a giggle I got right on top of him, popping off the first couple of buttons off my outfit. His eyes watched me in surprise as he saw the sexy red chemise under the nurse jacket. "My, my sir. It looks like you have a growth here," I said as I ran my fingers up and down his hard cock. "Ummm, yeah," he managed to state huskily his eyes caught up staring at my body, encased in a garter, sexy white tights and crotchless panties. He watched me through half lidded eyes, as my lips trailed over his body, tracing every single cell of skin with rapid desire.

"We might have to drain that," I said as I whipped out his cock and peered at it, as if inspecting it. Moments later, my lips were all over his cock, 'draining' him of his very essence. My lips snuggled his balls as well, and I laved him and sucked him like a pro. I took him in as deep as I could, going soft and gentle, then alternating hard and fast, mixing it up with my hands, tongue and mouth. He looked at me in awe as my mouth catered from the most subtle to the most indulgent motions with my succulent lips, grazing all the way to devouring. The very essence of contrast was defined by my lips, and he just watched me in awe, fascination, curiosity with his blood boiling barely able to contain himself.

My body was seductively posed before him,, voluptuous and sexy, in an absolutely enchanting manner. He watched the dip in my back, my ass curved up and sensuously rotating as my lips worked his cock. He was unable to contain his anticipation, and finally grabbed me, unable to watch me flawlessly making his lower stomach turn inside out. As if sensing the urgency of his motion, I beat him to it, and took charge, positioning myself with a nonchalant gaze, knowing just how I was affecting him, making him all the more crazy.

He grabbed my curvaceous ass and he smothered my pussy with kisses, devouring, licking and kissing my pussy from the back. He grabbed my ass cheeks, squeezed them and simply desirously devoured me. I brought him closer, the Pussy demanding now that he must enter. His cock slowly nestled on the edge of my moistened lips and he slowly let it glide into my pussy, one infinitesimal inch at a time until he finally completely filled me. I could feel him all the way deep in my navel and SHE was giddy with excitement.

I started convulsing then, uncontrollably all over his cock, spasming deep waves of orgasmic delight as he throbbed insanely all through me. His hands licked and played with my tits, and he played with my nipples, leaving me in paroxysms of delight. The seductress had become the seduced and Norio played me like it was my birthday. He passionately fucked me from the back, engulfing my loins with pure ecstasy, adroitly flipping me into so many positions as he laced me with orgasm on top of beautiful orgasm.

On my twelfth orgasm he joined me, shuddering deep inside me as he filled me with his essence, soaking my pussy in cum as well as ecstasy. Just thinking about it brings the blood surging to my pussy. Damn, that was a great birthday. I think we both got wonderful presents.

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